Millennials : The light bearers


We are “The Millennials”. People refer to us as Gen Y and we constitute a significant part of the global working population. We are in our 20s and 30s right now. We are not today’s teenagers and certainly not all those who are younger than baby boomers. 

Our generation is characterized by increased use and familiarity with media and technology. Also, we were raised in a relatively more liberal, political and economic world, which led to the development of increased equality, self-expression, and a sense of optimism and humour within us, which seems to help us in surviving challenges.

We were also raised in a relatively economically prosperous period but, we have been severely impacted due to frequent recessions. This led to many of us come of age in a period of economic instability, which impacted the early careers of many, while others had their education influenced by it. But did it become a barrier in our way?

No! We’re the ones who impacted the world largely, by normalizing subsequent internet facilities. We’re the ones who have been identifying the society’s “need” at each step and providing innovative solutions to the society at large.

As per the NASSCOM Startup Ecosystem Report: almost 72% of the light bearers of various startups are below the age of 35 years or, in other words, they belong to the millennial generation. Millennials are known to not settle for anything less than meaningful, or rather impactful when it comes to their career and hence, their willfulness to prioritize “purpose” behind every undertaking has led to the development and progress of entrepreneurship in the world. 

Gen Y has successfully instilled the amplifying pertinence of innovation and original ideas in the minds of the upcoming generations. We have realized the impossible and shown the world that no idea is unachievable, ever.

Should I demonstrate an example of our innovative minds? “Taxi Fabric” is an absolute dream. The Kaali-Peeli taxis of Mumbai, which featured in Coldplay’s music video as well, feature creative designs that have been incorporated using Taxi Fabric and hence, give a platform to designers and drivers simultaneously.

It’s the brainchild of Sanket Avlani, who hails from Gujarat and gave up a lucrative design career and came back to his roots in India,  to do something meaningful.

Hence, yes, we’re “The Millennials: Exploring the World of The Largest Living Generation” and we believe “Fairy tales can be made to come true”.